Chrome OS

Google CR-48 Running Mac OS X and Windows 7

While lots of people have been helping Google test the CR-48, there are a few that would rather see what the laptop can do. The videos below show Mac OS X and Windows 7 running on the CR-48. I’m still waiting for Google to ship my CR-48.

Install Google Chrome OS as a Virtual Machine

Google just announced Chrome OS a few days with the expected release at the end of next year. Since it’s open source people have already compiled it and made it available in a virtual machine. The video above is Dave from ZatzNotFunny installing Chrome OS. I won’t post all the links on where to get […]

Video: What is Google Chrome OS?

Google announced Chrome OS today and created the video above to explain it. While I have a lot of data in the cloud I’m not sure I want everything I do on a computer to be with Google. I’m sure I’ll get over that pretty quickly if the new computers are cheap and fast. 5 […]