christmas lights

Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas from Multimedia-PCs. I hope everyone has a great day and gets to enjoy time with family and friends. The video above is of my Christmas lights synced to music. I did two houses this year with a total of 48 channels and 15,000 lights. If you want to see more videos you can […]

My Christmas Lights

Every year since 2005 I watch every video that has to do with Christmas lights to music.  This year I decided to do it for myself.  I started out with a 16 channel light o rama controller.  It has been a lot of fun doing this but a lot of work.  That’s why certain times […]

Christmas Lights to music 2007

I posted some videos last year of Christmas lights synced to music. I wanted to do it again this year. These videos are from YouTube. Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The videos are below. [youtube=″>

Christmas Lights to music 2006

Well I have searched YouTube and think I have a complete list of christmas lights synced to music for 2006. Let me know if I missed any. These were the ones that I felt were good enough to share. If you have more videos just post the links in a comment. I’ll embed them if […]