CES 2008

Video: Ford Sync demo at CES

I’m sure we have all seen the Ford Sync commercials on TV. I for one think it’s a great product that Microsoft has released. I just wish it was available through other manufactures. Check out the video below. Video: Ford Sync Demo at CES 2008 (via Windows Vista Blog)

Video: HP Media Center Extender and TV

I remember when there was talk of HP ditching the Media Center line. This video shows a lot of Media Center things HP is working on. HP is putting a lot of effort into making Windows Media Center better. The video was taken at CES by Ian Dixon. (via Ian Dixon)

CES 2008

CES 2008 started yesterday in Las Vegas. I’m not going to be there but I wanted to make sure I post about some of the things showing up there. This blog and this blog are two nice blogs to check on for Windows Media Center offerings.