T-Mobile Doesn’t need a 3G iPhone

T-Mobile was quick to take a stab at AT&T and Verizon with their new commercial. I find it funny how carefree the 4G term is passed around. It’s confusing to customers that don’t understand. But if you want nationwide 4G T-Mobile wants you, at least that’s what the commercial says.

Almost Hands Free is Voice Activated for Android Music

With all of Androids built-in voice activated commands the music app never got that treatment. Now there is an app call Almost Hands Free that will allow you to find and play music by voice. The app is 99 cents which is a bargain if you use your Android phone while you are driving. * […]

Sync iTunes Music with Microsoft KIN

The KIN Media Sync by Mark/Space allows you to sync iTunes playlists with your KIN from your Mac. It also works with photos and videos as well. It will convert the videos to work with the KIN. I have used Mark/Space software in the past and it works very well. It’s nice to see them […]

Android 2.2 To Have Wifi Tethering

The word is that Android 2.2 will have Wifi tethering, turning your smartphone into a hotspot. There are other new things like Flash and apps on SD card. I’m sure carriers won’t like tethering built-in but it’s already been possible just not over Wifi. I currently use PDANet and connect my Droid to my MacBook […]

Sprint EVO Gets Pricing and Release Date

The Sprint EVO 4G will be available on June 4th for $200. It’s a pretty sweet phone packing some impressive features. The plans don’t seem the greatest as you will be paying for that 4G service. ZatzNotFunny has all the details on it.

Droid Eris is Getting Android 2.1 Upgrade Now

Verizon has started rolling out Android 2.1 to Droid Eris owners. Everyone I know with the Droid Eris hasn’t received the update yet. It’s a slow rollout like the Droid so if you didn’t get it yesterday or today you will still be receiving it in the next few days.