Thermaltake Level 10 Review

The Thermaltake Level 10 computer case is completely different but is completely awesome. Gizmodo has a review of the case and it doesn’t disappoint, unless price is a factor. The case is $850 which is way above most big cases on the market. What you get is a unique case that was designed by BMW. […]

HD Plex’s Fanless HTPC Case

HD Plex announced new fanless HTPC cases. Noise has always been a complaint when you have your HTPC sitting next to your TV. It’s one reason why extenders were so popular over the Xbox 360. The HD Plex cases look alright but there is no pricing yet. It’s always possible to build your own silent […]

Review: Thermaltake LANBox HT for one really like Thermaltake cases. They make huge cases with great cooling. I personally have a armor series case. The LANBbox HT is a small square case that can be used as a HTPC or a small desktop computer. Click the link for lots of pictures and a nice write-up of features and […]