HD Plex’s Fanless HTPC Case

HD Plex announced new fanless HTPC cases. Noise has always been a complaint when you have your HTPC sitting next to your TV. It’s one reason why extenders were so popular over the Xbox 360. The HD Plex cases look alright but there is no pricing yet. It’s always possible to build your own silent […]

Review: Thermaltake Bach HTPC case This is a nice review of the Thermaltake Bach HTPC case. It has lots of room to pack all your components into. The one thing I don’t like about the HTPC case is it uses 60mm rear fans, 2 of them. From my experience with 60mm, they are load and not cheap to replace. […]

Review: nMedia HTPC 200BA Virtual-Hideout has a review of the nMedia HTPC case. The case looks nice with lots of slots to let out the heat. The one thing I see as a problem is the 2 60mm fans in the rear. From what I know from using my Silverstone case is that the 60mm fans put out […]

Intel media case challenge Intel has a challenge where you need to design a multimedia PC case. Maybe I should design a new mineral oil computer for this? Well maybe 35 pounds of mineral oil is not what you want on top of your stereo receiver. But it would be cool if I had some extra money to […]