car computer

VoomPC a computer for your car If you want a computer in your car go and visit that site. They have a ton of hardware and cases to choose from. Now you can buy a barebone system for only $395. That’s cheap for what you get. I have been interested in doing this for awhile, but money has always held […]

Ford Sync Well I posted here the Microsoft and Ford might be teaming up for in-car computing. And today at CES it is official. If you click on the link it will take you to the ford page with all the info. The system looks very nice. To bad I’m not planning on buying a Ford […]

Mac Mini in your car, not that unreasonable If your like me then you have thought about putting a computer in your car. Well this guy put a computer in his Subaru. He has a break down of price and it isn’t that much. At least I thought it was reasonable. He even has a list of the software needed. He has […]

In Car computing? Microsoft and Ford Engadget has a rumor that Microsoft and Ford will team up for an in-car computer. They don’t have many details but if it happens it would be pretty cool. I’m not much of a Ford fan but if it starts with Ford it will work it’s way to the other car makers. Maybe even […]