Review: Kodak Zi8

A few sites are starting to get their hands on the new Kodak Zi8. Overall the response is very positive. Engadget said the iPhone had just as good of quality. I find that hard to believe but I don’t have either to compare. Gizmodo’s review had a lot more detail and only had two negatives, […]

Kodak Announces Zi8 1080p Camcorder

Kodak released details about the new Zi8 1080p HD pocket camcorder. The specs look great. It has mic input, 1080p resolution, SD card and 2.5″ screen. I have the Zi6 which is 720p and it has been great. I’m thinking I might have to upgrade. Price is only $180 and it’s available in September. Press […]

Video: 6 HD Pocket Camcorders Compared

Pure Creative, Kodak, Sony, FlipHD compared on features. I wish they would have shown sample videos from each camera. I currently have the Kodak Zi6 and it has been great. It has the 60fps and 30fps option like the video says. It also has a macro switch for closeup shots of whatever I want. That […]

Review: Sony ‘Webbie HD’ MHS-CM1

Michael Smith has a nice review of the new Sony MHS-CM1, the Webbie HD.  We actually had someone bring one into work and it does look really nice.  It’s a little more expensive than the Flip MinoHD and Kodak Zi6.  You also have to pay for the more expensive memory stick duo pro.  Read his […]

Video: Kodak Zi6 vs. Flip Mino HD vs. Creative Vado HD

This video shows the differences of the three cameras, Flip Mino HD, Kodak Zi6 and Creative Vado HD. From the one scene in the video the Creative does provide the nicest picture. Even though these three camcorders are HD they are all compressed. I personally have the Kodak Zi6 that I have been playing with […]