DirecTV iPad App Now Streams Live TV

The already awesome DirecTV iPad app got even better buy streaming live TV. It only works in your house, like the whole-home DVR. Not every station allows for streaming. There is a list of around 30 stations. The funny thing is Fox is on the list but DirecTV might lose Fox soon if they can’t […]

Video: New DirecTV HD UI

As a DirecTV customer I have been waiting for the HD UI to be released. I have three HD-DVRs with multi-room viewing. Updating the UI and speed of the menues will make it a better setup. It is rumored that it will be available starting November 1st. DirecTV has a page up about all the […]

AT&T Launched U-verse iPhone App

AT&T launched a U-verse iPhone app that allows you to manage your DVR and download and watch content. There are other DVR management apps, like DirecTV, but none have the ability to watch content on the go. It’s a nice feature if you U-verse service and doesn’t cost extra. The app is free and you […]

BT Working on Home Media Tablet

BT is working on a home media tablet that will give you your email, voicemail and text messages all in one place. It would be perfect for a kitchen device but it reminds me a lot of the Verizon Hub. The Verizon Hub didn’t last very long. Even though I have an iPad it hasn’t […]

DirecTV Multi-Room DVR Now Available

I reviewed the DirecTV multi-room DVR service back in February. I like the service then and I have been happily using it since. Now that the service is available to everyone there is a fee of $3. That fee isn’t as bad as I thought and really it’s worth it for what you get. I […]

Comcast Working on iPad App

Comcast is working on an iPad app that acts as a remote control for your cable box. While I haven’t always liked cable companies, it’s nice to see Comcast putting forth so much effort into new technologies. The app isn’t anything groundbreaking but it could be extremely useful. A video of the app in action […]