HDHomeRun 6 Tuner Prime Available for Pre-Order

The SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME 6CC is available for pre-ordre on Newegg. Price is $500 and requires two CableCards from your cable company. More details below. Features Features Six Digital Tuners, Anywhere on Your Network – Home-theater form factor… add 6 premium cable-TV tuners to your home theater system. – Premium cable TV (CableCARD). – Watch […]

Ceton InfiniTV 4 Review

The Digital Media Zone got the chance to review the Ceton InfiniTV 4. Just like the first review I posted of the card, they loved it. The Ceton card costs $399 but when you compare that to other cable and satellite DVR setups it’s not bad. The card gives you the ability to record 4 […]

Ceton’s 4 Tuner CableCard in Production

Timothy at UsingWindowsHomeServer got a email that Ceton’s new 4 tuner CableCard has started production. The good news is that the product will probably still make it to market. It’s just been delayed for awhile. A lot of Windows Media Center fans are waiting but their patience is running out, especially if another card makes […]

Ceton’s InfiniTV CableCard Tuner Delayed

Ceton was supposed to be shipping their 4 tuner CableCard by May 31st but that has now been delayed. Since the card has already passed CableLabs I’m guessing they are telling the truth about not being able to get flash chips. It’s supposed to ship by then end of June but no date given. (via […]

More Info on the HDHomeRun CableCard Tuner

There is now some more information on the HDHomeRun CableCard tuner. The device will have 3 HD tuners and still cost $249. It was first said that the device would only have 2 tuners so you are getting a bonus for the same price. They also expect to have the device ready for the Holidays. […]

HDHomeRun CableCard Version Beta Signup

SiliconDust is taking signups for the HDHomeRun CableCard beta. I’m excited about a new network based CableCard tuner. Still not a lot of details about it. (via GeekTonic)