Google Buys BumpTop

BumpTop, which is a 3D desktop environment for Windows and Mac, has been sold to Google. I always thought BumpTop was cool to play around with but I couldn’t image it making me more productive. I’m still not sure what Google has planned for the software. The video below shows it in action. If you […]

BumpTop for Mac Released

BumpTop released a version for Mac. The video above shows it in action. There is a free version and a pro version for $29. The pro version adds the multitouch gestures. While BumpTop looks cool it wouldn’t make me anymore productive. (via Lifehacker)

BumpTop Goes Multi-Touch

BumpTop, the 3D desktop environment has added multi-touch gestures. The video above shows it in action. I have some multi-touch laptops coming soon and will have to play around with the new version. BumpTop has added multi-touch gestures that aren’t available on any other device. You can “lasso” things, “shove” them, “scrunch” them, and “crop” […]