Boxee TV, CBS Deal and iPad App

Boxee has been busy expanding the reach of its software. I posted a few days ago that Iomega was building a NAS box with Boxee built-in. Today they announced Viewsonic TV with Boxee built into it, CBS content deal and iPad app. As of now you have to stop by their booth at CES to […]

Iomega NAS with Boxee Software

Iomega will be releasing a NAS with Boxee software loaded on it. Iomega will be the second hardware manufacture to embed the Boxee software. The current Boxee Box is manufactured by D-Link. The Iomega device is small and slim, kind of looks like a router. It will give you features of a NAS to store […]

Boxee Box Firmware Update

Boxee released a firmware update for the Boxee Box. Most is bug fixes and minor improvements. They also added some 3D support. You can read about it on the Boxee Blog. Improvements and additions: * Enabling user flavor selection (online/local files inclination) during first login and via Settings * Added alphabetical scrollbar for local files […]

Boxee Box Teardown

The new Boxee Box, that is shipping now, got the teardown treatment by ifixit. There wasn’t anything new that was discovered but it’s still cool. They were impressed with the build quality comparing it to the AppleTV. I have always been a fan of D-Link and their quality products so it’s good to see that […]

Boxee Box Available for Pre-Order

The Boxee Box is now available for pre-order but there have been some changes. The MRSP is $229. They also switched to Intel chips instead of the Tegra 2, which surprised me but explains some delays. The Intel chips better support HD and H.264 playback. At least they waited to release the product until they […]

Boxee Movie Libraries

Boxee added Movie Library to the Boxee Beta. It’s like the TV Show Library, allowing you to add titles to your queue for later viewing. There aren’t any major labels but there is still a lot of content on there. I’m sure this is just a start. EZTakes No more searching high and low for […]