S1Digital 100 Disc Blu-Ray Changer Review

Back in February S1Digital announced the 100 disc Blu-ray changer for Windows Media Center. Missing Remote got their hands on one and did a video review. I embedded the video below. The initial price of the unit was $1500 but now you can buy one for only $1000. S1Digital makes some really nice things but […]

Auto Rip n Compress for Windows Media Center

Auto Rip n Compress makes it easy for you to rip DVDs and Blu-rays without leaving the media center interface. It uses DVDFab HD Decrypter, AnyDVD, or MakeMKV beta to rip the DVD or Blu-ray and uses Handbrake to compress the file. You would still need one of those programs install for it to work. […]

S1Digital Released a 100 Disc Blu-Ray Changer for Windows Media Center

If you have a lot of Blu-Ray discs than the 100 disc changer from S1Digital might be for you. It works with Windows Media Center and Windows Home Server. It can even rip your Blu-Ray discs for you. The cool thing is it does one after another until it’s finished with them all. That would […]

Rip, Store and Play Blu-rays from a Windows Home Server

The how-to over at nedmug will show you how to rip, store and play Blu-rays from a Windows Home Server to Windows Media Center. There are a few pieces of software and not all of them are free. You will also need a whole lot of storage if you start archiving Blu-ray discs. (via MSWHS)

Backup Blu-ray Discs on Mac

People have been backing up (ripping) DVDs and CDs for some time now on Mac. Blu-ray discs haven’t been as popular, mostly because there is no option for a Blu-ray drive when ordering a computer. If you bought either an internal or external blu-ray player you can use MakeMKV to backup those discs. The program […]

Samsung Blu-ray Players add YouTube, Blockbuster and MKV Support

Samsung has released a firmware update to it’s Blu-ray players to add support for YouTube, Blockbuster streaming and surprisingly MKV support. Add services to connected devices is becoming the norm now. I’m surprised on the picking Blockbuster over Netflix. I’m starting to look at Blu-ray players and additional streaming services is a must. Correction: Netflix […]