My Movies for iPhone

My Movies is the very popular movies database for Windows Media Center. It is now available on the iTunes store to make organizing your movies on the go easier. It will sync data between your phone and your computer. Right now there is a free version but plans are in place to limit that version […]

Kindle Apps Coming to the iPad

Amazon has a new page up that says Kindle Apps is coming to tablets including the iPad. The screenshots look pretty good but will it be a native iPad app? I think they are going to create a browser based version that’s how they can be so confident that it will be on the iPad. […]

Use RemoteX for iPhone to Control 12 Windows Media Players

RemoteX is a iPhone/iPod Touch app that allows you to control 12 different Windows media players. Programs like XBMC, VLC, Windows Media Player and iTunes. The lite version of the app is free while the full app is 99 cents. The video below gives a little demo of it and they used the lite version. […]

Google Releases Shopper for Android

Google Shopper is a app for Android that allows you to find prices, reviews and specs of things you are shopping for. You can scan the barcode, take a picture of the product or say what you want. It also saves your searches and you can email the results to friends. It’s a great program […]

Air Video Streams Videos to Your iPhone

Air Video is a application on Windows or Mac that allows you to stream videos to your iPhone or iPod Touch. The file format doesn’t matter as it will convert it live for you to stream. It reminds me a lot of Orb but more simplistic. If you just want to stream videos the Air […]

Ustream Producer for Mac and Windows

Ustream released a desktop client for Mac and Windows. The product is Ustream Producer and comes in a free and pro version ($199). The software looks really good and PIP will be really cool. If you pay for the software you can switch between multiple cameras. Free Version: – Supports one camera – Allows importing […]