XBMC for AppleTV2, iPad and iPhone

The XBMC team released a version for the AppleTV2, iPad and iPhone. This isn’t a streamer, it’s the full version of XBMC. That means no transcoding, you get full hardware decoding of 720p/1080p content. I was planning on installing it on my AppleTV2 but I didn’t have time this weekend. If you want to try […]

Review: AppleTV

The new AppleTV showed up a few days and I just had to break it out and start playing with it. I won’t bore you with unboxing photos because if you’re a Mac fan you have probably already looked at them. I’ll also keep this review a little shorter since there is already a ton […]

New AppleTV Coming?

It is rumored that a new AppleTV is coming. The hardware will run a version of iPhone OS 4 and have the ability to dish out your content at 1080p. It will be like an iPhone without the screen. The best part is the $100 price tag. While this is all rumor it is right […]

Boxee Beta Now On AppleTV

There are now simple instructions on how to get Boxee Beta working with AppleTV. With the latest version of Beta being announced it was stated that it wouldn’t work with AppleTV, unless you had a lot of time on your hands to make it work. This is good news for everyone wanting more out of […]

Backup Blu-ray Discs on Mac

People have been backing up (ripping) DVDs and CDs for some time now on Mac. Blu-ray discs haven’t been as popular, mostly because there is no option for a Blu-ray drive when ordering a computer. If you bought either an internal or external blu-ray player you can use MakeMKV to backup those discs. The program […]

Get Boxee Beta on the AppleTV

There is already step-by-step instructions on getting the new Boxee Beta on the AppleTV. It’s not the easiest installation, like the old days, but if you like to tinker it shouldn’t take too long. Since I don’t have a AppleTV let me know how it goes. (via AppleTV Hacks)