Apple to Remove MacDefender with Software Update

Apple will be fixing MacDefender Malware with a software update in the coming days. They also provided directions on removing MacDefender from your computer. I have included the removal steps below which is easy to remove.

iTunes Special Announcement Tomorrow

“Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.” That’s what is posted on the front page of To take over the front page of Apple it must be something big. There are a couple rumors that hold some ground about what is coming. The first is the Wall Street Journal is saying the […]

Apple Updates and Releases New Products

Apple updated the iMac and Mac Pro today. They also released a new Magic Trackpad and battery charger. I called bluff when it was rumored by a few sites since right now is Apple’s back-to-school special. I was wrong. The iMac and Mac Pro got processor bumps. The iMac features the core i3, i5 or […]

Apple Fixes iPhone 4 Antenna With Free Bumper Case

Yesterday was the Apple press conference to address the world about the iPhone 4 antenna issues. They didn’t really apologize for the issue but rather provided some information about why it’s happening. Their fix is to give out free bumpers if you are having issues and issue a refund if you already bought one. Since […]

New AppleTV Coming?

It is rumored that a new AppleTV is coming. The hardware will run a version of iPhone OS 4 and have the ability to dish out your content at 1080p. It will be like an iPhone without the screen. The best part is the $100 price tag. While this is all rumor it is right […]

Video: SNES Emulator for iPad with iPhone Controller

Here’s another reason to jailbreak your iPad. The video below shows SNES emulator running on iPad. It uses a iPhone as the controller. It looks great and I love apps that use either a iPod Touch or iPhone as a controller. The best part is it’s free. You can find out more about the app […]