New Kindle Available for Pre-Order

The new Kindle, Kindle 3 if you will, is now available for pre-order from Amazon. You can get the 6″ screen in either wi-fi only for $139 or the wi-fi + 3g model for $189. The new models are graphite and feature the better e-ink screen. They will be available August 27th.

Deal: High-Def Week on Amazon

It’s High-Def week on Amazon from June 7th to the 11th. If you are looking for gifts for Fathers day coming up or you just want so spoil yourself it’s probably a good idea to check the Amazon’s Gold Box deal. They also have lighting deals throughout the day if you want to keep hitting […]

Kindle Apps Coming to the iPad

Amazon has a new page up that says Kindle Apps is coming to tablets including the iPad. The screenshots look pretty good but will it be a native iPad app? I think they are going to create a browser based version that’s how they can be so confident that it will be on the iPad. […]

Get a Kindle by Christmas

Amazon has free one-day shipping on the kindle. If you’re a late shopper there is still time. I am just imagining Kindles in boxes scattered all over the world ready to be sent to their final destination. If you are in the market, having it tomorrow at no extra charge is great.

Cyber Monday Deals

Today is the big Cyber Monday where everyone buys things online. Most online retailers have some sort of sale today. Below are some of the specials going on. Amazon always has good prices and they have extra deals for Cyber Monday. For instance the gold box buy is the 8GB iPod touch for $158. The […]

Black Friday Deals You Don’t Have To Leave Your House For

While lots of people stand out in line waiting for the two items a store has drastically reduced you can save time and money by shopping online. While not all deals on line are truly a deal you can find some great bargains. And you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your […]