Build Your Own Home Theater Speakers

I had my powered sub go out on me a couple of months ago.  The foam surround broke apart from old age.  It’s a older Kenwood SW-300 with a 10″ ported sub.  I have been very happy with this sub and very surprised I didn’t blow it to pieces when I was younger.

I was more than happy to go out and buy a new one as I really missed the bass during action movies.  After I went and listen to a few I wasn’t that happy with the amount of power they could produce.  They were way to punchy and a lot more money than I wanted to spend.  I was talking with a friend and he said he built his entire sub.  I remember wiring everything together and building my own boxes when I competed in car stereo compititions but I really never thought there was a market for it for home use.

My friend pointed me to a website called Parts Express.  They sell everything there that you would need to build your complete home theater speakers.  My friend built his entire sub setup from parts from there but I just needed a new sub that would work well in my enclosure.  I ended up going with the Dayton Titanic MK III.  Someone in the reviews had the same setup and said the sub was great.  I was unsure about buying speakers without listening to them but I went with it and it was well worth it.  The sub at 20lbs is a lot beefier than the old kenwood one.  I had to widen the opening for the sub by 1/8″, easy to do with a wood file on MDF board.  Once it was wired up I had to turn down the volume to almost it’s lowest point on the amp.  It is barely moving but puts out some room shaking bass.  It reminds me of a 12″ sub with it’s low powerful bass.

If you like to tinker with your home theater setup you might find it enjoyable to build your own speakers.  In my case I thought it was great that I could reuse all the old parts and just replace what needed replaced.  I saved money and it was a fun project.

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