Boxee Removing Hulu

Pressure from big networks has forced Hulu to act and asked Boxee to remove Hulu.  Boxee has agreed and as of Friday there will be no more Hulu on Boxee.  I think this is a big mistake by Hulu and the big networks. I understand they want their revenue but there should be some sort of compromise. Show ads on Hulu through Boxee. Problem solved. It’s not that people really care about the ads on Hulu, it’s that they want the content and want it on their TV. By making the content more difficult to view you’ll be pushing people to the illegal ways.

It’s inevitable that the way we watch TV is changing. It’s sad to see that they won’t embrace the change and find a way to make a living off of it. I’m guessing like GeekTonic and ZatzNotFunny that the other plug-ins using Hulu might be affected soon.

The good news: Boxee is still trying to work with Hulu to fix the situation.

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