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Apple to Remove MacDefender with Software Update

Apple will be fixing MacDefender Malware with a software update in the coming days. They also provided directions on removing MacDefender from your computer. I have included the removal steps below which is easy to remove.

HDHomeRun 6 Tuner Prime Available for Pre-Order

The SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME 6CC is available for pre-ordre on Newegg. Price is $500 and requires two CableCards from your cable company. More details below. Features Features Six Digital Tuners, Anywhere on Your Network – Home-theater form factor… add 6 premium cable-TV tuners to your home theater system. – Premium cable TV (CableCARD). – Watch […]

Video: Androidify and Kinect Dance

Combining Androidify and Kinect to make a techno dance video. It must have gained a lot of interest for Androidify since the site wasn’t loading correctly for me. The app is free in the Android market. (via Engadget)

Video: I’m a PC and I’m Gonna Kill Him

Microsoft has started another I’m a PC ad campaign. The video below is the first new video and I wanted to point it out. They setup a computer store in her house and she gets to buy a new computer. The worse part is the last line: “I’m a PC and I’m Gonna Kill Him”. […]

Hulu Plus Available on Xbox 360 Tomorrow

I posted a demo video of Hulu on Xbox 360 a couple of weeks ago. We all knew it was coming and tomorrow is the day Hulu arrives on the Xbox 360. As a bonus if you are a Xbox Live Gold member you will get a week of viewing for free. I posted the […]

Video: Inside a Google Data Center

A look inside a Google Data Center is rare. They don’t allow just anyone to visit. They did take us on a little tour with the video below. They posted it to their GoogleApps Youtube channel. While we don’t get to see racks and racks of server there is some interesting information in the video. […]