Are You Using Your Surround Sound Speakers?

Sound and Vision has a post about the number of people that don’t hook up their surround (rear) speakers. 50% of people don’t hook up their surround sound speakers.

But when asked what other reasons motivated them to buy, the top-ranked responses (aside from brand) were “all-in-one convenience” (cited by 50% of respondents), “less clutter” (50%), “less wires” (47%) and “design/appearance” (47%).

Now I wonder what the results would be if they asked people who had them hooked up, where they put them? I have been in many homes where the surround is hooked up but they are sitting right next to the TV. That defeats the purpose of surround sound. I have also been in people’s house where they didn’t quite get the concept and wanted the front speakers beside them because that’s where the voices came from.

I have to admit that I don’t use my surround speakers right now. They are hooked up, since they are in the walls, but I haven’t saved up enough money for a Dolby Digital amp, so the amp I’m using is a 12 year old Dolby Pro Logic Kenwood.

Are you using surround sound speakers? Let me know in the comments.

(via Gizmodo)

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We used to have surround sound with all the speakers hooked up and in the right places. Since we got a new TV, we decided the sound from the TV is good enough that we really didn’t need the additional sound. I seem to find that’s the case at a lot of our friends houses, too. If they have a newer TV, with no surround and it really doesn’t seem to matter. I guess you really need to have a really good surround sound system to overcome the quality of the sound from your TV to justify it. Just my .02.

My parents never use the surround sound system I put in for them. They are just fine with the TV speakers. They do really like that my brother and I both have the speakers built into the walls. It’s a lot cleaner that way, no wires and no speaker stands next to the couch.

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