AppleTV Update Kills Boxee, Boxee Fires Back With a Fix

Apple updated the AppleTV to 2.3.  This update broke Boxee running on the AppleTV.  Before I even knew of the AppleTV update I got a tweet on my twitter account from Boxee telling everyone not to upgrade their AppleTVs because it won’t work with Boxee.  Another tweet a few minutes later said they were working a fix and they had isolated the issue.

I think Boxee is a great product.  I’m thinking about buying an AppleTV just to run Boxee.  When you have developers that ontop of a situation, you start to understand their dedication to their product.  They just received 4 million in funding and they deserve every dime of that.  Keep up the good work.

You can find the fix to get Boxee running on the AppleTV here.  They expect to have a less geeky fix soon.  But if you installed Boxee on your AppleTV you’re probably a little geeky anyway.

UPDATE: Boxee has the easy installation working with AppleTV 2.3.  Directions here.  (usb creator)

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