Apple Updates and Releases New Products

Apple updated the iMac and Mac Pro today. They also released a new Magic Trackpad and battery charger. I called bluff when it was rumored by a few sites since right now is Apple’s back-to-school special. I was wrong. The iMac and Mac Pro got processor bumps. The iMac features the core i3, i5 or i7. You can get the new Mac Pro with 12 cores of computing power. My 8 core Mac Pro at work is awesome, I’m just wondering if I need 4 more cores.

The new Magic Trackpad is something I’m very interested in. I like my trackpad on my MacBook Pro so much that I bought the wacom bamboo tablet to use as a trackpad on the desktop. It worked and I was happy with it but it was still missing the fine control of the MBP trackpad. I’m looking forward to testing the Magic Trackpad out.

The battery charger was a surprise. But at $29 it’s not a bad price since it comes with 6 batteries that are supposed to last 10 years. Apple also says it has the lowest vampire loads of any competitors. Energy efficient is good.

You can read the press releases and more info at Made For Mac.

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