Apple Announces the iPad

Apple today announced the iPad if you hadn’t heard. I’m guessing that if you have an Internet connection or TV you know this. I watched live streams of the event and as it was happening I felt a little disappointed. It’s missing things like a camera and GPS, which I think it should have. But there are two things that make me feel a lot better about the product and makes me want to have it.

1. I was talking with some co-workers afterwards and we started throwing around some ideas of what this bigger iPod Touch could be used for. Since we are in the education field we came up with some great ideas that don’t fit the touch and is too little for a laptop. If you are a student on a large campus the iPad could be your device. With the launch of iBooks, it might be possible to get all of your text books on the device. Of course a kindle could do that but the iPad has more up its sleeve. What about taking notes? Kindle can’t do that but the iPad can in keynote or possibly a Evernote app. The iPad also has a built-in microphone. The app you need is a searchable note taking app that could record audio during the lecture. It might not fit the needs of everyone but I can see a lot of uses in the education field. What student wouldn’t want to carry just a iPad instead of a bag full of books and a laptop.

2. Remember the launch of the original iPhone. It was extremely limited in what it could do. There was no apps at this time. Now look at where the iPhone is. The iPad is a first generation product. Even being a first generation I think it offers a lot, compared to that original iPhone. The iPad is a Apple’s first step into this middle ground between smartphones and laptops. Just like the iPhone has seen features added to hardware and software, so will the iPad over the years. And I really do think that the consumers can help guide Apple to adding those features. If GPS is really that important it will show in requests and Apple will hopefully add it.

What are your thoughts on the iPad? Going to buy one?

Video of the iPad below.


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