A letter to Dell Computer

Hey Dell,

I hear you have some cool new laptops available. The XPS M1330, the Inspiron 1520 and the Inspiron 1420. The best part about these new laptops are they come in colors. Colors are so cool, I am a red guy. You can even get the LED backlight on the M1330 if you want. I get flyers in the mail about the new 1520 and the 1420. Back to school in style with these laptops. I was watching TV tonight and I even seen a commercial about the colors. I want one so bad. My old D600 is starting to show it’s age, it can’t even run Vista without it running out of gas when I open up application.

But I have a problem with all of this hype you are generating about these laptops. Can you guess what it is? You don’t have to guess I’ll tell you. That’s why I’m writing you. You can’t get one of your new colored laptops because of some manufacturing issues with the screens. That’s what your support staff keeps telling me. So why keep spending the millions on advertisement when you can’t deliver a product. There is a reason why people ordered these laptops for back-to-school. It’s because they wanted them for school. I know, who would have thought that someone ordering a back-to-school special would want it for school. But to let you know by August 20th school usually starts for most of the country. I have highlighted the suggestions for you below.

1. You should have taken the millions on advertisement and spent it to manufacture your parts.

2. If you have a back-to-school special make sure you have the special available.

But don’t worry Dell, I’ll take my MacBook Pro to school and type these stupid posts while I wait for my pretty colored laptop to show up. Just remember this post as you watch the rest of the computer manufactures pass you up.

Thanks for the speedy delivery,

Jeremy Jones

PS – If you call and complain they will take $50 off the order. At least they did for me. And $50 off is better than nothing. I would have rather had the laptop though.

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