61% of Netflix Subscribers are Streaming

During the Netflix earning call they said that 61% of their subscribers are streaming at least 15 minutes of content. That’s up from 51% the last quarter and 37% a year ago. It’s no surprise that people are taking advantage of streaming with so many devices that have the service built-in. I would say 95% of my Netflix watching is streaming content. It was higher not so long ago but I switched to blu-ray and love watching those in the theater. Having access to movies is alright but my main streaming is TV shows. I watched Lost one after another to catch up to this past final season.

Their stocks dropped though because revenue was down. But what people should be excited about is that Netflix is paving the way to the future of subscription based online content. I’m sure that price for streaming will go up but after you get everyone hooked I’m sure they will pay a dollar or so more a month.

(via Gizmodo)

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