5 Reasons Why I’m Not Going Blu-Ray

I get asked all the time if I have a Blu-Ray player. I guess with how much technology I have around it seems natural that I would have the latest Blu-Ray player on the market. But I don’t and my 5 reasons why are below.

1. Blu-Ray players are still too expensive for me. $200 for a player. And the $200 players aren’t the type I would want to buy. I would rather go for a network connected one that I can stream Netflix. That would cost me even more.

2. Blu-Ray movies cost a lot more. They are trying to replace DVD with a more expensive option Blu-Ray. So why not charge 3x as much. It’s HD after all. It would have to be the worlds best movie for me to spend $35 on a movie. And I don’t know any movie made so far that I would pay that much for.

3. Netflix now charges more for Blu-Ray. It’s only $3 a month but I would still need that $200+ player from reason 1.

4. There are lots of ways to get HD content including movies. If there is really a movie that I want to watch in HD I just rent it. $3.99 for the HD rentals, new releases are $4.99 through DirecTV. I can rent a lot of movies at $4.99 before I get close to the start up cost of going to Blu-Ray.

5. Physical media is out. I don’t want to invest in a player that spins discs anymore. The only spinning disc I want is for a hard drive and I hope in the next few years that is out.

I say this but if I could get a Blu-Ray player for $100 to $150 I might consider it. Also I have an upconvert DVD player right now but if something happens to it I will look at replacing it with Blu-Ray. I still wouldn’t purchase the movies, I would go with Netflix. Anyone else holding off? What are your reasons?

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