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Hulu Plus Available on Xbox 360 Tomorrow

I posted a demo video of Hulu on Xbox 360 a couple of weeks ago. We all knew it was coming and tomorrow is the day Hulu arrives on the Xbox 360. As a bonus if you are a Xbox Live Gold member you will get a week of viewing for free. I posted the […]

Video: Inside a Google Data Center

A look inside a Google Data Center is rare. They don’t allow just anyone to visit. They did take us on a little tour with the video below. They posted it to their GoogleApps Youtube channel. While we don’t get to see racks and racks of server there is some interesting information in the video. […]

YouTube Channel Removed From Roku

Sounds like Google didn’t want Roku streaming YouTube videos in an unofficial way. Dave Zatz posted this morning that the channel wasn’t available for people that didn’t already have it added. This isn’t anything new for Google and YouTube. There use to be a public API that YouTube stopped using to make companies work with […]

Video: Lego Great Ball Contraption

This is one impressive Lego automation setup. The video is almost 8 minutes long but I had to watch it a couple of times. It uses 20 GBC modules. (via Make)

Video: Hulu Plus on Xbox 360

I little demo video below of Hulu Plus on the Xbox 360. Cutting the cord is getting easier and easier for people. I was beginning to wondering when the Xbox 360 was going to get Hulu.

Xbox Update Gives Netflix Control to Kinect

With the new update to the Xbox 360 you can now control Netflix with Kinect. I have embedded the video below from Engadget. While it won’t let you do everything or search for titles by talking, it’s a start in the right direction.