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Video: Corning – A Day Made of Glass

Someone sent the video below to me. Corning glass created it and it’s getting a lot of views. Very well done and shows a future with a lot of touch sensitive glass. It’s nice to see a glass company looking to the future.

Sprint + Google Voice

Google and Sprint have teamed up to integrate Google Voice into the phone. While I used Google Voice on Android via an app, it wasn’t the same. With this partnership your Google Voice number is your Sprint mobile number. This is great news for Sprint customers but I hope they are just the first carrier […]

Video: LCD Teardown and Explanation

Very cool video explaining how a LCD works. It’s from the engineer guy, who I just started watching not long ago. He actually works at the same University as me.

Video: Upgrade Windows from 1.0 to 7

Very cool video showing the upgrade of Windows 1 to Windows 7. Whomever created this knew what they were doing. It’s a great look back on how far the OS has come over the years. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that this is possible. (via WinRumors)