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Video: Android 3.0 Honeycomb Preview

It won’t be too long before we start seeing Android 3.0 tablets coming out. While you are waiting you can checkout the video below from Engadget. They said it is extremely slow in the emulator but it looks really good.

Video: Play Angry Birds with Kinect Using KinEmote

With a program called KinEmote you can play Angry Birds using Kinect. It still uses a wireless controller but it’s great to see what people are coming up with for Kinect hacks. KinEmote also allows you to control several media center applications with the wave of your hand. It’s a Windows download and looks like […]

Port Your Number to Google Voice

Google Voice will now allow you to port your existing number. It cost $20 plus whatever your carrier fees might be. While I use Google Voice for my voicemail, I probably won’t be porting any numbers over. I thought about my home phone but it wasn’t allowed. You can watch the video below that explains […]

Logitech Revue for $250

Looks like the Logitech Revue is dropping by $50 on the Internet. A post by Logitech said that they were selling it for $50 off so I looked around and it looks like most online store have it for $250 now. Not sure how long Amazon has it had for $250 but the price is […]

XBMC for AppleTV2, iPad and iPhone

The XBMC team released a version for the AppleTV2, iPad and iPhone. This isn’t a streamer, it’s the full version of XBMC. That means no transcoding, you get full hardware decoding of 720p/1080p content. I was planning on installing it on my AppleTV2 but I didn’t have time this weekend. If you want to try […]

Video: Apple “Two is Better Than One” Commercial

While AT&T and Verizon will continue to bash each other in commercials, Apple is just happy they will sell millions of new iPhone. Below is the first commercial Apple has released to show the iPhone on both carriers.