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Google Search Adds Instant Previews

It wasn’t that long ago that Google added instant search results. Now they are adding instant previews for the results. Click on the magnifying glass next to the title and it will give you a snap shot of the site. Video demo below.

Microsoft Kinect Teardown

ifixit did a teardown of the new Microsoft Kinect sensor. There is some interesting information in the teardown like 2 sensors that monitor depth and 1 sensor that does facial recognition. There are also 4 microphones inside. That’s impressive for such a small device. Still wish Kinect would have been wireless. But that might be […]

DVPRemote 2.0 Available Now

DVPRemote 2.0 was released yesterday. I was excited when it showed up on my iPod Touch as an update. It was already a great program but the update brings a lot of new features. 1) Support for new “Instant Replay”, “Info”, and “Back” buttons. 2) Integration with Netflix to support automated Instant Queue navigation. DVPRemote […]

Netflix Streaming Now on Windows Phone 7

The Netflix app is available in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. It’s also free. It’s nice that they launched the Windows Phone 7 version so quickly but there are a lot of Android users that are still waiting. But if you have a Windows Phone 7 and live in the U.S. or Canada you can […]

Roku Blocks PlayOn Channel

The PlayOn channel didn’t last very long. It was just a few days ago that I posted that you could add the channel. If you already have it installed it is still working but you can’t add it anymore. It’s not surprising that Roku would want to block access. Hulu is coming to Roku soon […]