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DoubleTwist Brings Wireless Sync to Android

DoubleTwist has a new version available that allows you to wirelessly sync your Android smartphone to Mac/Windows. You need to get the latest version for you OS and for Android. After that setup is easy. I have posted about DoubleTwist in the past and how easy it is to get your iTunes music on Android. […]

Hulu Plus Available on Roku

Hulu Plus has made its way to the Roku box. I haven’t subscribed to Hulu Plus so I haven’t been able to play around with it. But Mari from ZatzNotFunny did get a chance to play around with it. The content isn’t what it should be for a paid service, which is the main reason […]

Hulu Plus Now $7.99

Hulu Plus now has a $7.99 price tag. They dropped the monthly fee from $9.99. The service is now available for everyone to take advantage of. The good news is if you are a early adopter they are refunding your money for the previous months. They are even offering a 1 week trial if you […]

Video: BlackBerry PlayBook vs. iPad Comparison: Web Fidelity

The video below is a little comparison of HTML5, flash and browser speed. While it’s nice to see the PlayBook perform well, the video was made by BlackBerry. So I wouldn’t pull too much from the video.

iTunes Special Announcement Tomorrow

“Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.” That’s what is posted on the front page of To take over the front page of Apple it must be something big. There are a couple rumors that hold some ground about what is coming. The first is the Wall Street Journal is saying the […]

Boxee Box Teardown

The new Boxee Box, that is shipping now, got the teardown treatment by ifixit. There wasn’t anything new that was discovered but it’s still cool. They were impressed with the build quality comparing it to the AppleTV. I have always been a fan of D-Link and their quality products so it’s good to see that […]