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Google Adds Priority Inbox to Gmail

Google released a new feature in our Gmail inboxes today. It’s called Priority Inbox and it’s supposed to help see what’s important right at the top. I enabled the feature on my account to test it out. It didn’t give me that many important messages but it will be a training process. I like the […]

Boxee Movie Libraries

Boxee added Movie Library to the Boxee Beta. It’s like the TV Show Library, allowing you to add titles to your queue for later viewing. There aren’t any major labels but there is still a lot of content on there. I’m sure this is just a start. EZTakes No more searching high and low for […]

Netflix Now Streaming on iPhone and iPod Touch

You can now get your Netflix fix on your iPhone or iPod touch. Netflix released a iPhone app that allows you to stream content, even over 3G. Go to the iTunes store to get it now. The app is free but you need at least the $8.99 plan to stream. Video demo below: Netflix iPhone […]

Video: GoogleTV Demo

The original demo Google did of Google TV didn’t go the greatest. That doesn’t mean that Google TV won’t be a great product. The demo video below shows off Google TV and the integration with Dish Network. While it would be cool to have integration with a cable/satellite provider, I’m still hoping Google TV will […]

Windows Home Server “Vail” Adds Mac Support

The new version of Windows Home Server codenamed Vail supports Mac. This is great news for people like me that use both Windows and Mac at home. I have been building how-tos since 2008 on getting the current Windows Home Server to work with Mac. You can see version 1, 2 and 3. It’s obvious […]

AT&T Launched U-verse iPhone App

AT&T launched a U-verse iPhone app that allows you to manage your DVR and download and watch content. There are other DVR management apps, like DirecTV, but none have the ability to watch content on the go. It’s a nice feature if you U-verse service and doesn’t cost extra. The app is free and you […]