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Windows Live Essentials Beta Available

Microsoft released the beta of Windows Live Essentials. Lifehacker has a look at all the new social features built into the new version. It works with Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Gmail, WordPress and more. It’s nice that Microsoft is making it easy to get your creative work out to the world.

WD Live TV Plus Hands-On

A hands-on of the new WD Live TV Plus was posted on ZatzNotFunny. The new thing about the WD Live TV Plus is that it has Netflix streaming built-in along with all of it’s other streaming from the network capabilities. The price is good at $120 from Amazon. It’s a good update to the WD […]

Video: Droid X HDMI Multimedia Dock and DLNA Controller

Verizon announced the Droid X which is a pretty sweet phone. To take advantage of the power of the phone there is a new dock and DLNA controller to send out those videos over HDMI. The dock is $49.99 which isn’t bad for what it offers. Since the Droid X is DLNA certified you can […]

The Kindle and Nook Drop Price

You can say it’s because of the iPad but for whatever the reason the Kindle and Nook are dropping in price. The Kindle dropped to $189 and the Nook dropped to $149 for the WiFi version and $199 for the 3G version. It started with Barnes and Noble dropping the price first and Amazon followed […]

Google Voice for Everyone

It’s available to everyone in the United States. Google Voice is being used by millions of users including myself. Ever since I got my Android phone I have been using it for my voicemail. You can read more about it on the Google blog.

Google Explains Google TV

If you are not sure from the demo what Google TV is they have made a video explaining it. I have embedded that video below. The interface looks like it will be a nice companion to your cable or satellite box but I’m hoping I can get a lot of use out of it with […]