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Plex Offers Hardware Accelerated H.264 Decoding

Plex, Mac Media Center, has already taken advantage of Apple opening up the GPU Framework. Everyone was excited when Apple opened it up hoping it would speed up flash. It’s nice to see Plex working so quickly to provide the support first, at least the first that I know of. Using hardware acceleration will take […]

Wirelessly Sync Your iPhone with iTunes

There is a new iPhone app that would allow you to sync your iPhone to iTunes wirelessly. The program is called Wifi Sync. The problem is it hasn’t been approved by Apple for the App Store and it probably won’t be. Wireless syncing is a feature I have wanted for a long time, along with […]

iPad Camera Connection Kit Offers More

There are lots of reports going around that the camera connection kit for the iPad isn’s just for photos. TUAW has info on the adapter working with USB keyboards and USB headsets. While that’s not all that impressive it does add a little more functionality out of that little adapter. I’m sure as more people […]

Windows Home Server “Vail” Public Beta Available

Microsoft today made public the next version of Windows Home Server which was codenamed “Vail”. The new V2 Windows Home Server is based on Server 2008 vs. the original which was based on 2003. It is 64-bit only and supports new media sharing features along with easier to use user interface. already has a […]

TuneUp for Windows Media Player Released

TuneUp for Windows Media Player has been released. It allows you to get song metadata and cover art. The iTunes version and the new Windows Media Player version now allow you to share music with social networks. ehomeupgrade has a 20% off coupon if you’re interested in purchasing.

Asus EeeKeyboard Up for Pre-Order

The Asus EeeKeyboard is up for pre-order on Amazon. While the price is $599 it’s pretty impressive that they packed so much into a keyboard. – Intel Atom N270; 1GB DDR2 RAM; MS Windows XP Home – Ultra Wide Band built in transmitter and exernal reciever; WLAN 802.11 b/g/n; 10/100/1000 LAN; Bluetooth V2.1 – 5″ […]