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Control4 for iPad

The iPad is perfect for Home Automation. It is at least half the cost of a standalone touch based controller. Control4 has already released an app that allows you to control home automation things like lights, climate and music. The video below is an overview of the app. I have been exploring home automation over […]

Video: Windows Media Center on Windows Embedded Standard 7

I posted yesterday about Windows Embedded Standard 7 and how it includes Windows Media Center. The video below is a demo of Windows Media Center running. If you’re familiar with Windows Media Center there isn’t anything new. What the video shows is that you are going to get a full media center experience from an […]

Flash Beta “Gala” Offers H.264 Acceleration

Adobe has a new Flash beta that takes advantage of H.264 acceleration. I posted about Plex using the technology and being the first to use it. Adobe didn’t waste anytime getting a beta out to the public either. Using the new beta should really speed up Flash which at times can be extremely slow on […]

Spotify Now Allows You to Upload iTunes Libraries

First Spotify isn’t available in the US, unless you know what you’re doing with your IP address. The new version of Spotify allows you to upload your iTunes Libraries so you can access them anywhere. That’s good news if Spotify doesn’t have some of the tracks in your collection. It will also allow you to […]

Video: Blackberry Shows Off OS 6

The video below is a video showing off OS 6 for Blackberry. Doesn’t look a whole lot different than OS 5 on the storm to me. What Blackberry needs to do is get developers working on apps. The phone OS is just part of the puzzle, the biggest part are the apps people can download. […]

Windows Media Center Is Part of Windows Embedded Standard 7

Windows Media Center being part of Windows Embedded Standard 7 could be a very good thing for media center users. It means that Windows Media Center could be on set-tops and connected TVs. It also might provide the extender functionality that Windows Media Center fans have been waiting for. CableCard has been making promising steps […]