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Manually Update Your Droid to Android 2.1

If you’re too impatient to wait for Verizon to send you the 2.1 update you can manually do it yourself. MobileCrunch has the directions on getting it installed. There are a few steps but it’s fairly simple if you follow them. I haven’t done the upgrade yet but it’s probably on my list of things […]

Review: Netflix Streaming on Wii

I ordered the Netflix streaming disc for Wii as soon as I could. I got it in the mail this weekend but just now had time to pop it in and play around with it. The Wii is only SD so that’s what you are going to get with Netflix streaming. Most of the content […]

Apple iPad Video Demos

Apple posted a bunch of iPad walk-thru on their youtube account. I have embedded the photos video below but there are a lot of others like mail, safari and keynote. While you are waiting for your iPad to arrive you can browse the videos to make sure you know exactly how to use it.

Tegra 2 Powered HTPC

Pegatron is showing off a tiny little Tegra 2 powered home theater PC. Engadget has a lot of shots of it but not a lot of info. What we do know is that it has Tegra 2 powering the graphics which is a good thing. That will get you 1080p output to your TV. It’s […]

Re Universal Remote for iPhone

Re universal remote is a dongle for your iPhone or iPod Touch that send IR commands. It’s not cheap at $70 but will allow you to get rid of those other remotes laying around. I personally would rather have a Harmony for around the same price that I could use without looking at it. Touchscreen […]

iPad App Store Screenshots

With the iPad launch coming up there are some screenshots that have surfaced of the app store. Not much different than iTunes but the interesting part is the pricing. Looks like that bigger screen app is going to cost you more. It’s not surprising with price since having more pixels will result in more detailed […]