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Details about the new DirecTV H24-100

DBSTalk has details on the new DirecTV H24-100. There are a few key features to this receiver has that their current lineup doesn’t. The receiver is only HD, not a DVR, but it has multi-room viewing capabilities. If you have HD DVRs in your house it can pull those recordings. You can read my review […]

Elgato Announced the EyeTV Netstream DTT

Elgato has a new tuner on the market. The EyeTV Netstream DTT is a dual network tuner that works with Mac and Windows Media Center. The nice thing about a network tuner is they don’t have to be next to your computer. They can also stream to multiple computer in the house. This tuner isn’t […]

Deal: HDHomeRun for $127

If you want a great network tuner, Amazon has the HDHomeRun for $127 with free shipping. I have been following the prices since I’m interested in purchasing one. It’s about as low as I have seen it come up for the dual tuner version.

Extenders Aren’t Dead for Windows Media Center?

Are you wondering where all the Windows Media Center extenders went to? Ben Drawbaugh over at EngadgetHD gives some explanation as to why they aren’t here right now. It covers the history of when Windows Media Center editions were released and when extenders came out. Extenders always came after the launch of the new software. […]

Boxee Beta Now On AppleTV

There are now simple instructions on how to get Boxee Beta working with AppleTV. With the latest version of Beta being announced it was stated that it wouldn’t work with AppleTV, unless you had a lot of time on your hands to make it work. This is good news for everyone wanting more out of […]

Walmart Buys Vudu

Walmart has bought Vudu. First off this is huge for Vudu. I have questioned some of their new releases in the past like the very expensive XL2 and high priced boxes. They were also going to have a very hard time competing with the big dogs for good deals. They cashed out with Walmart. Walmart […]