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Apple Adds Camera Connection Kit for the iPad

Apple on their iPad page released some info on a camera connection kit for the iPad. It will allow you to hook up a SD card or camera via USB to the iPad. I wish it wasn’t a adapter since they are so easy to lose but at least the functionality is there. Another feature […]

Roku Expects 100 Channels by Years End

According to Bloomberg, Roku expects to have 100 channels in the roku store by the end of the year. That makes that little $100 box that much more valuable. While I don’t use my Roku boxes as much as I used to, because of my blu-ray player, adding that many more channels will surely add […]

Ustream Producer for Mac and Windows

Ustream released a desktop client for Mac and Windows. The product is Ustream Producer and comes in a free and pro version ($199). The software looks really good and PIP will be really cool. If you pay for the software you can switch between multiple cameras. Free Version: – Supports one camera – Allows importing […]

Windows Home Server v2 “Vail” Leaked

The new version of Windows Home Server codenamed “Vail” has been leaked to the internet. The screenshot above shows the new dashboard, as they are calling it now. There are a couple things that bother me with the new release. It will come in two flavors. That’s a horrible idea. It also only works in […]

Apple Announces the iPad

Apple today announced the iPad if you hadn’t heard. I’m guessing that if you have an Internet connection or TV you know this. I watched live streams of the event and as it was happening I felt a little disappointed. It’s missing things like a camera and GPS, which I think it should have. But […]

BirdsEye Satellite Imagery from Garmin

BirdsEye satellite imagery from Garmin will give you detailed images on your Garmin handheld devices. It only works with their expensive GPS line: Colorado, Dakota and Oregon. It’s also not a free service at $30. As someone that goes geocaching a lot having detailed maps will be very helpful. My only complaint is that you […]