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Video: Control Xtreamer with Android or iPhone

The video above shows Xtreamer being controlled by Android. Now the feature isn’t released yet, it’s coming in version 2.0 along with some other things. It’s also going to work with the iPhone and Windows mobile through the web browser. (via ehomeupgrade)

FiOS TV Updates for Mac Support

Verizon has updated FiOS TV to work with Mac. The Media Manager for Mac streams iTunes playlists, albums and slideshows. It’s not as full featured as the version for Windows but it’s great to see and will only get better. I’m waiting for Verizon to launch FiOS in my area. I have a box right […]

Build A Silent HTPC with NVIDIA ION and Intel Atom

There are so many media center streamers on the market but what if you want more control of formats and look. You might need to get a full fledged computer for the job. Generally that can cost a lot more than an streamer but not with NVidia’s ION graphics and Intel Atom. Lifehacker has a […]

Roku Launches New Netflix Players, Makes Me Wonder Why

Roku is now offering the Roku SD ($79.99), Roku HD ($99.99) and the Roku HD-XR ($129.99). The Roku HD is the former player. I’m thinking their strategy seems a little crazy. You start offering the HD box. Most companies want to go HD along with consumers. But Roku launches a SD box. Seems pointless to […]

Video Walkthrough: AppleTV 3.0

Apple today released version 3.0 for AppleTV. It now has Genius Mixes, iTunes LP and radio stations. Not anything ground breaking for a 3.0 release. While it does a great job syncing with iTunes for the price it should be able to take more media formats. But you can install Boxee if you need more […]

Video: Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps Navigation looks awesome. You get live data from the internet and satellite views. Check out the video above. Works with Android 2.0 devices and will be free. More at the Google Mobile Blog.