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Kodak Announces Zi8 1080p Camcorder

Kodak released details about the new Zi8 1080p HD pocket camcorder. The specs look great. It has mic input, 1080p resolution, SD card and 2.5″ screen. I have the Zi6 which is 720p and it has been great. I’m thinking I might have to upgrade. Price is only $180 and it’s available in September. Press […]

Vudu Coming to Connected LG HDTVs

Vudu announced that they are coming to LG connected TVs. Gizmodo got a demo of it in action. I had issues with their business plan of selling expensive set-top boxes but now they seem to be headed in the right direction. Building into existing products will probably get you a lot more business. Lets hope […]

Review: Windows 7 Media Center

EngadgetHD reviewed Windows 7 Media Center in a very nice write-up. I haven’t been using Windows Media Center for a few years since I switch to DirecTV but this update makes me want to play around again. I’m even thinking cable again but cable is so bad in my town. Ben says: The fact is […]

Mac OS X Netbook Compatibility Chart

Netbooks are huge right now taking top sales on a number of online stores. But what if you want a Mac. has a compatibility chart to help you decide which netbook is best for Mac OS X. If you don’t want to do a lot of hacking go with the Dell Mini 9 or […]

Video: Xbox 360 Netflix Update

The new Xbox 360 update brings improvements and new features to Netflix. The video above is a little tour of the new Netflix. It’s very cool that there is a party mode where you can invite friends and watch together. Probably not an everyday thing but a very interesting idea. I could see it being […]

Mediafly Coming to the Roku Box

Mediafly is coming the the Roku box this fall. Mediafly delivers audio and video podcasts for free. It looks like a nice service with a lot of podcasts. They also have clients for the iPhone, popcorn hour, chumby, blackberry and RSS. It’s nice to see the Roku box getting more services. ZatzNotFunny knows of another […]