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Dell Mini 10 Getting GPS and Wi-Fi Positioning

Dell announced today that the Mini 10 will be getting GPS and Wi-Fi positioning. The GPS chip along with the Wi-Fi will be used to calculate your position. The Mini 10 will be the first system to offer the GPS built-in. The initial release will support Windows XP and Vista with support for Windows 7 […]

Windows 7 Guided Tours

Microsoft has released some Apple Style guided tours for Windows 7. It’s a great way for consumers to see the new features in action. Not everyone downloads the betas or searches the Internet for the new features. (via istartedsomething)

Video: HTC Hero/Sense UI Walk-Through

The HTC Hero looks like an awesome phone. The Sense UI looks really impressive especially with the contact/social network integration. From what some other sites where saying is that Sense will not be available on the first Android phones. I’m hoping this shows up on Verizon since that is my carrier. (via Crunch Gear)

Windows 7 up for Pre-Order

Amazon has Microsoft Windows 7 for pre-order. It’s a great price of only $49.99. The ship date is October 22nd so it will be some time before you get it but at that price you might want to plan ahead.

Boxee for Windows and New Features

Boxee has released a version for Windows. The biggest news is probably their partnership with MLB.TV. You can now stream MLB.TV content through Boxee. You have to have the subscription but it will put a really nice interface to the online content. They also added Digg and Tumblr to their content sources. They made a […]

DirecTV Launches TV Apps

DirecTV has launched a new service called TV Apps. It’s widgets for you TV. The program is in public beta right now. It will work with any receiver with Internet access. You can choose from many different widgets like weather and sports scores. You can manage your widgets online. I was surprised by the number […]