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Video: The New Zune HD

Zune HD Video Hands On from Gizmodo on Vimeo. Gizmodo has a bunch of pictures and the video above of the new Zune HD. I’m very impressed with how it looks so far. The interface looks really slick. I’m wondering if they will undercut the iPod Touch to get people to buy in. They need […]

Hulu Launches Labs with Desktop Client

Hulu labs has launched with some new offerings. The one of note is a desktop client for Windows and Mac. They call it the lean-back experience. It has a media center feel and you can use the Windows Media Center remote or Apple remote to control it. It’s not a surprise that they stopped other […]

Play Wii Games from an External Hard Drive

A little hacking and you can backup and run Wii games off an external hard drive. You won’t have to worry about scratching your discs and load times will be faster. I read through the directions and it seems easy enough if you follow the directions carefully. You need the HomeBrew channel installed. Visit Lifehacker […]

Review: HP LX195 Windows Home Server

Gizmodo reviewed the HP LX195 Windows Home Server. They were more positive than I would have been. It only has 1 internal hard drive of 640GB and expansion is through USB ports. At $390 the price is nice but I would spend a little more and get the power and expandability of the EX series […]

Windows Vista SP2 Now Available

Windows Vista SP2 is now available for download. I have been using the beta for awhile now and haven’t run across any issues. You can either do a direct download or wait for Microsoft to roll it out to you. (via Windows Vista Blog)

Netflix Comes to Windows Media Center

There have been many plug-ins to get Netflix in Windows Media Center. Now there is a built-in program to watch Netflix. It’s always best to have the features built-in. It doesn’t work on extenders which isn’t surprising since most extender manufactures are discontinuing their products. (via The Digital Lifestyle)