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Windows Home Server Console on Mac

I use Remote Desktop on my Mac to connect to my Windows Home Server. The directions on the Windows Home Server Team Blog take it a step farther by using Remote Desktop but only launching one app. I’m not sure why I didn’t think to even try this. The steps are fairly simple and are […]

HP LX195 Windows Home Server Now On Sale

The HP LX195 is official now. It is priced at $390 right now which I’m sure will change as more retailers start providing it. It has: * Intel Atom 1.6 GHZ Processor 230 * Powered by Microsoft Windows Home Server Software * 640GB Hard Disk Drive/ * 4 USB 2.0 Ports * Gigabit ethernet It […]

Review: Moxi HD DVR

The Moxi HD DVR hasn’t been on the market for very long and reviews are starting to come out. Gizmodo reviewed the unit and said it’s better than the cable companies DVR. But it still doesn’t beat out TiVo. While the interface on the Moxi unit looks really slick it’s software is still a little […]

National Geographic’s Infinite Photograph

This is one giant photograph that never ends. There is a sample video above but I would recommend going to the link and playing around with it. (via Lifehacker)

Skyfire for Blackberry in Private Alpha

One of my major complaints with Blackberry is the pretty bad web browser. It is painfully slow to load websites at times. There looks to be hope for us Blackberry users with the Skyfire web browser. Right now Skyfire for Blackberry is in private alpha. It might be a long time away but at least […]

Video: Amazon On Demand HD on the Roku Box

Engadget got a preview of Amazon on demand HD for the Roku box. I have two Roku boxes at home and can honestly say I haven’t used Amazon at all. While the HD does look good it’s not good enough to spend the money. As of right now the streams are only in stereo sound. […]