Archive for February, 2009 App Streams Full Shows to Your iPhone launched a new iPhone/Touch App that streams full length CBS and Showtime shows. All the shows aren’t available yet but it’s a good start. I’m surprised Apple even let the app go through. I guess that app Sling has been working on might get approved now. (via Gizmodo)

Blackberry Shoots Apple

The Blackberry Ad above has been making it’s round across the web. I think it’s a very cool video. They should have ran it on TV.

Get Boxee Back After AppleTV 2.3.1 Update

AppleTV update 2.3.1 broke Boxee from working. It’s really not that bad. According to the Boxee forum you just have to run the patchstick again. All of your data will still be there. I guess Apple isn’t out to disable Boxee.

Mange Your Digital Media in a Mac and Windows Environment

Having Mac and Windows computers sharing the same network is increasing in popularity. Mostly as the Macs move in but you still have some older Windows computers laying around. Sharing and managing your data across both platforms is the ideal situation. An article from media smart home might help you get all that data together […]

RIM’s SurePress wins “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough” award

RIM’s SurePress technology has won the best mobile technology breakthrough for 2009. These awards really don’t mean a whole heck of a lot but I’m still glad RIM made the list. I really like SurePress and now have trouble with other touchscreens because I can’t click. The one problem I have is that it actually […]

March Madness Online HD Using Silverlight

Looks like Microsoft’s Silverlight will be powering March Madness Online in HD. It seems like Silverlight is called in when they need to do some heavy streaming. I thought the Olympics went very well streaming with Silverlight. March Madness always draws everyone’s attention. I’m sure someone has some stats on how productivity at work drops. […]