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Boxee Adds ABC

Boxee announced today that it has added support for ABC.  This will be good news for Lost fans, which is the number 1 downloaded TV show.  The bad news from what I hear on Twitter is that it is not streaming in HD.  It is only Mac right now but plan to have the update […]

Dish Network Coming to Windows Media Center?

There have been rumors that Dish was working on a tuner for Windows Media Center.  This is after DirecTV announced it will not be releasing one.  EngadgetHD says the project is based on a ViP 211k that streams over ethernet to the Windows Media Center.  The project name is codenamed Draco.  Engadget was told that […]

A Boxee Set-Top?

Boxee has proposed the question about a set-top box.  I for one would love to have Boxee come out with a set-top.  This has come about because they were approached by some manufactures at CES. What do you think? There are some great comments on their posts. There is also a survey to let Boxee […]

Video: Hulu on the SageTV HD Theater

SageTV continues to impress me. Reasonable priced extenders and their frequent updates makes it a good choice. SageTV users will soon get Hulu access. The video above shows it in action. Looks good but they say they are still working on some issues. (via EngadgetHD)

Video: Dish Network’s ViP 922

Dish Network’s ViP 922 is a sling loaded HD DVR. Even though I use DirecTV this DVR is going to set standards for a satellite DVR. Having Sling loaded on the DVR will allow you to stream your TV anywhere on any device. Very cool HD DVR. I’m hoping something comes from the Tivo/DirecTV partnership.

YouTube Comes to Wii and PS3

YouTube now has a browser friendly URL for your game consoles.  It’s only for Wii and PS3 because they have a web browser. Just point the web browser to Currently in beta, the TV Website offers a dynamic, lean-back, 10-foot television viewing experience through a streamlined interface that enables you to discover, watch and […]