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Happy 2009

Wishing everyone a great 2009 from Multimedia-PCs.  I’ll be back online starting tomorrow to get everyone some more great content.  I have taken the last week or so off to escape from my online addiction.  Sitting at a computer most of my awake hours was wearing on my body and spirit.  I got to spend […]

Merry Christmas

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  I have included a couple videos below to get you in the holiday spirit.  Yes one is of my house.  You can find more about my lights at Lights2Music.

Roku Updates to Bring HD Netflix

Roku has updated it’s little Netflix box with streaming HD.  Mine doesn’t have the update yet.  From what I read it looks like it is being sent in phases.  Some comments said that the content is switching to HD automatically if you have them loaded in the queue.  I’m keep hitting the update button until […]

Turn Your USB Hard Drive into a NAS

External hard drives were the backup solution of choice.  NAS, Time Machine and Windows Home Server are taking over by making it possible to share data between the multiple computers most families are buying.  With Addonics’ USB-to-NAS adapter you can turn your USB drives into a NAS.  The price is very reasonable at $55. Coupon Tomorrow Only has a coupon for $15 off when you spend $75 or more. It’s valid tomorrow only. They also have a Wii bundle if you’re still looking for one. It’s a bundle that includes the Wii, Wii Zapper and 3 games. Price for that bundle is $349.99.  That’s a fairly good bundle for that price. […]

Vudu Adds Internet Content

Vudu has updated it’s box to include some Internet content.  YouTube is the only one I find of interest but even then I have my computer.  YouTube playing on a big HDTV looks bad.  It’s nice to see that they are adding aditional features to a pricey set top ($300).  They say there is more […]