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Netflix Streaming Coming to Tivo

Netflix and Tivo are teaming up to bring you Netflix streaming.  Netflix is going to every set top box manufacture to dish out it’s content.  The beta will be available by the end of the year.  It didn’t say anything about HD streaming like on the Xbox 360 but I’m guessing on the Tivo HD […]

HD Netflix Streaming on Xbox 360

Netflix HD streaming is coming to your Xbox 360 soon.  Engadget has the details with a November 19th release date for the new dash board.  They say that there is only about 300 titles in HD available.  Other companies will have to figure out what to do to compete.  The other good news is that […]

Windows Media Center in Windows 7

Charlie Owen has some great screen shots of the new Media Center in Windows 7.  The screen shots look great.  There had been talk of Media Center being under developed by Microsoft.  I think that was true for Vista Media Center but you can tell they are putting effort into it for Windows 7.  From […]

Netflix “Watch Now” Comes to Mac

Netflix announced Mac streaming for it’s “Watch Now” feature.  They are going to use Microsoft Silverlight to do this.  It is only available to a small percentage of users right now, I’m not one of them.  They plan on having it available to all by the end of the year.  This is just another step […]

Mac Virus Video

It’s close enough to Halloween to share a scary Mac video.  I didn’t think you could get a virus on a Mac. (via Crunch Gear)

Use the Nokia Internet Tablet into a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

BlueMaemo is a beta application that runs on the Nokia N800 and N810.  It uses bluetooth to interface with your computer.  The application looks very cool even as a beta.  It turns the touchscreen of the Nokia into a trackpad for the computer.  I haven’t installed it yet but I’m interested to see how it […]