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Windows Media Center Going Headless?

Chris Lanier posted about a tip that Windows Media Center might be going headless.  I think this is great that Microsoft is looking at ways to get the features of Windows Media Center to users without having another computer in the house.  When you start looking at Media Center as a family digital media center, […]

Sony BDP-S300 for less than $200

The Sony BDP-S300 has dropped below the $200 price point.  Sony is going to sell a lot of units if they keep hitting this price point.  I wonder how the other manufacters are going to compete.  It’s on sale at Amazon while supplies last so be fast with that order. (via EngadgetHD)

Build the Popcorn Hour into Your MediaSmart Server

A member of the MediaSmart Server community has stuffed a popcorn hour into his MediaSmart Server case.  Not only is this a very cool idea, he did a great job with customizing the case.  He did loose one of the four drive bays with the mod.  Like he said 3TB of storage should be alright. […]

BeyondTV Adds Placeshifting

SnapStream the creators of BeyondTV have added placeshifting to it’s newest beta. The cool thing about this is it uses Microsoft’s Silverlight for doing so. Silverlight is what powered the Olympic online coverage.  If you’re not familiar with BeyondTV it is Media Center application that allows you to record TV and organize your music, movies […]

Pre-Order SlingCatcher and Slingbox PRO-HD

You can now pre-order the SlingCatcher and Slingbox Pro-HD.  They don’t have it posted when they will be available but I would expect that both will have a big pre-orders.  The Pro-HD will do 1080i and 5.1 surround to many different sources.  There is a video of the SlingCatcher below but Dave Zatz says the […]

Dell E4200 vs MacBook Air

Dell has released a new video of the new Dell Latitude E4200 vs the MacBook Air.  The Dell E4200 is a nice small laptop but the video isn’t the greatest.  If they wanted to compare the Air to a Dell they should use same screen size and keyboard.  Tuck the same size keyboard and screen […]