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Install XBMC on Your AppleTV

XBMC is a fast growing media center application.  It is building a user base by playing almost any format and because it is being ported to different platforms.  Over at the XBMC forums there are directions on installing XBMC on your AppleTV.  AppleTV is nice for Apple content but if you want to make it […]

WMC and WHS Together in One Box

Windows Home Server users would love to have Windows Media Center features built in.  One user has takin the idea to the next level by combining a Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center box into one.  The project is basically two computers built into one case.  The operate completely seperate with their own hard […]

Tivo Getting a New Interface

Tivo is getting a interface update. I personally don’t use Tivo but the new interface looks really nice. Looks like it took some ideas from Media Center and Front Row. There were some videos on youtube but they were pulled. Check out Gizmodo for the videos they have.

ThermalTake does Refrigerent Cooling

ThermalTake has a new computer case out that gets the cooling job done with refrigerent.  The diagram above shows how it works.  I personally love this idea.  Back when I was working on my mineral oil computer I had a dream of adding freon and a compressor for cooling.  After seeing this case I might […]

Windows Home Server as a Porn Blocker

As more and more kids take to the internet it is a challenge for parents to keep them off sites not age appropriate.  Joe DiFiglia of Computing on Demand has a nice tutorial on setting up your Windows Home Server as a free proxy.  With your Windows Home Server acting as a proxy you can […]

Windows 7 Preview Videos

There are some preview videos of the new Windows 7 being posted.  The video embeded above is of the glowing start menu when you hover over it.  LifeHacker has addional videos like calculator, stickies and new Media Player.  Not much new exciting things but it does show Microsoft is working on improving functionality of Windows […]